Vivomixx helps populates your Gut with healthy bacteria

Vivomixx helps populates your Gut with healthy bacteria

The Original DeSimone Formulation (DSF)

  • The World’s most concentrated probiotic
  • 8 carefully selected bacteria
  • 450 billion live bacteria in each sachet
  • Available in both sachets and capsules 
  • Lower price than main competitors.
  • Gluten free, Kosher, Vegan and Halal compliant
  • No Corn Starch
  • Traces of Dairy

Vivomixx was originally formulated 20 years ago by a Professor of Infectious diseases and immunology, Professor Claudio De Simone. Vivomixx contains this unique formulation, the De Simone Formulation or DSF. It is this DSF that gives Vivomixx it’s wide range of properties.

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Our gut. How it works

The intestinal microflora is composed of more than 500 different bacterial species that live in a delicate balance among themselves and with the human body. The large bowel or colon is the region of our gut where there is the highest concentration of bacteria. It is estimated that there are between 10 and 100 trillion healthy bacteria in the colon.

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Help Boost your immunity

Even though the risk of infection is reduced, it is still important to help boost your immunity. It is well recognised that probiotics can help to improve your immunity. The combination of a high concentration and 8 carefully selected bacteria in Vivomixx offers an excellent formulation to help boost your immunity.

Vivomixx contains the original De Simone Formualtion (or DSF) invented by Professor DeSimone.

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Vivomixx® is a safe, gluten-free food supplement that can be taken daily to support the digestive health of all your family

Vivomixx for childrenVivomixx®
for children

We live immersed in bacteria and "good bacteria" are important for good growth!

Vivomixx for adultsVivomixx®
for adults

It’s very important to maintain the balance of your intestinal microflora to keep healthy!

Vivomixx for seniorVivomixx®
for seniors

A healthy flora for healthy aging!